In May 2024 Saurus Construction was thrilled to launch a new system to help manage Pool Barrier Inspections, 

From May 2024 all properties we attend with a spa or pool will be registered in our system and Saurus Constructions will issue a unique QR code sticker placed in the meter box.

This new system is run through a software company called ServiceM8, we have designed our forms to be issued to our clients at time of inspection and a history log for the public to access when scanning the QR code kept onsite (date attended & service title)

This new system holds great benefits as the address is now our client regardless of who is residing at this propriety – managing this property or in current ownership 

Service history will stay with the address, this is a far superior system we have used in the past – this opens a range of services we can now offer


We can offer property managers a quality service package & agency discounts for properties with a pool or spa currently under their management & all future leasing agreements. This system will also help manage when the QBCC Form 23 Pool Barrier Certificate is due for renewal.

If you are a property manager and would like to receive our company proposal, please contact Rebecca on 0428 823 667 or email [email protected]

If you are in talks with your local council with concerns about your pool or spa barrier–not only, do we have a great relationship working with council our records are exactly what is required, our thorough documented inspection & service history for this address is also now available on request or moving forward as a new client we can help resolve any issue together under our care and forward results to council.


We are here to help take the stress out of managing your pool barrier set by QBCC and enforced by our local council, with this new system Saurus Constructions can keep your company up to date with QBCC & council law changes that could affect you, email a reminder when your form 23 QBCC Pool barrier certificate is due to expire, offer maintenance support and advice all year round.

Scanning the QR-code will provide – owners – tenants – property managers – local council with service history date and service provided by Saurus Constructions at this address– if more information is required or you wish to request our service you have all our company details on the sticker with a link to call, text & email us.