Please book an inspection online or call Saurus Constructions. We will help assign a time for your job and confirm via email and text.

1. Please book an inspection online or call Saurus Constructions.

2. Our receptionist will contact the agent or private sale representative with a request to arrange entry

3. Our receptionist will send you T&C’s to read and return ASAP

4. Each bookings requires confirmation by one of our staff members – Once confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with a payment link, full Payment is required 3 days prior to Inspection.

Please note prices may vary upon location of inspection & inspection size. You will be contacted by one of our staff members to confirm your date, time & inspection price.



  • Saurus Constructions will have assigned a time for your job, however we do ask for some flexibility. We try to operate as efficiently as possible and may be a little early… except on that occasion… when we might be a little late.
  • We pride ourselves on our great communications and will always stay in touch with everyone involved such as the agent, buyer, seller or tenant.

**Not every day Rebecca works in the office – if Rebecca is onsite this is how the day will run …..

  • Clinton and Rebecca (also husband and wife) operate as a team, working together onsite. Clinton is your inspector and Rebecca takes photos and notes. They’ll be at the inspection site for approximately one hour.
  • If someone is home Rebecca will meet the homeowner or tenant at the door and is happy to answer any questions. Also, you are welcome to stay (it’s your home!), please feel free to go about as normal.
  • If nobody is at home Rebecca and Clinton are happy to follow any instructions you leave for us and we will leave our business card on your kitchen table, to indicate we have been to your property and the inspection is complete.
  • Saurus Constructions is required to take photos of all the floors, walls and ceilings. Clinton is a qualified inspector and by law, must be able to prove what he’s assessed. Requests could occur days, weeks, even years after the inspection has been completed. Be assured, Rebecca is very aware of the laws relating to taking photos in your home and within the community. Some homeowners and tenants appreciate being aware we do take photos, prior to our inspection
  • Please be aware Clinton is required to look in cupboards (although he will not be assessing your organisational skills!)
  • We understand an inspection can feel like quite an invasive process and we take this opportunity to thank you for your time and patience.

We inspect both inside and outside your home including:

  • Driveways, fences, gates and paths
  • Steps, ramps, awnings, decks, verandas and outdoor entertaining areas
  • Rooves – inside and out (if possible)
  • Sheds and carports
  • Internal floors, walls and ceilings
  • Subfloors (if possible)
  • Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, lounge and dining rooms (all rooms)

We are not licenced plumbers or electricians – this is not our scope of practice and it is unethical for us to report on:

  • Airconditioning
  • Septic systems
  • Pools
  • Pumps
  • Lights or fans
  • Ovens, range hoods and hot plates
  • Smoke alarms

For your convenience, we have a trade list of people we recommend

After much discussion and consternation. we have come to the decision that we must conduct our inspections without any clients onsite.

Safety to our clients is our number one priority and often we are not aware of the condition of the house, property, or reason for sale. In recent times this has put us in a position we are not comfortable with and led us to our non-negotiable decision

The bottom line is our insurance doesn’t not cover our clients if they were to have an accident onsite, so this was a definite line in the sand for us.

Furthermore, emotions are at an all-time high and while buyers are understandably excited, homeowners and tenants are not always on the same page, and this can sometimes cause an uneasy environment in which to work.

A building and pest inspection at the best of times is considered invasive and while we conduct ourselves in a professional and kind manner, it is unsurprisingly, an emotional time for most.

As we strive for continuous improvement, we have decided to focus on the job at hand – and that is providing a detailed comprehensive report. Unfortunately, we aren’t qualified counsellors, despite our empathetic and caring natures, and time is a premium.

Our Building and Pest inspections are conducted by Clinton and Rebecca, working together onsite for 40mins – 1 hour. It’s our job to inform our client, usually the buyer, about the property they’re looking to purchase and help them to make confidant and informed decisions. There are no passes or fails.

Rebecca works both on-site & in the office, if working as a team onsite, Clinton writes the report as Rebecca drives to the next location. Rebecca will email the report to their client and text both the agent and client, that the report has been sent, prior to arriving and starting the next inspection. We really do offer a quick turnaround.

Along with the report/s, our valued clients are provided with Clinton’s personal mobile/afterhours number and are encouraged to call anytime. If we haven’t had contact by 5pm Clinton will call each client from that day’s inspection list and go over the reports in detail and answer any questions.



The new system guides agents and clients to book a date, the system only showing you how many available appointments are left to book on that day

The time frame will be confirmed with the agent only.

The big difference is the magic happens with Casey back of house once the day is filled with appointments. Casey then sets the run for the day in travel order (fantastic move for us) rather than the previous booking system, where a very specific time slot was offered causing chaos, confusion

Still with the same colour chart for quick reverence

Green – time slots available

Red – fully booked

White – unavailable


Some of the benefits are outlined below:

  • Because of the regional nature of where we live, this booking method gives us the opportunity to set a run for the day.
  • We then contact the agent with a time frame, reducing chops and changes to schedules we have experienced in the past
  • This new booking system will likely help us keep to realistic schedule and not keep agents, homeowners or tenants waiting – ETA on the day can be arranged
  • Clients no longer meet with us onsite – reducing our onsite time quicker turn around on reports ( Can you please insert the link from the question Why Clients no longer attend inspections)
  • This new system lets us be more flexible each day to add or cancel appointments without disappointment

$250 + travel 

A re-inspection is at the discretion and responsibility of the buyer. This a service Saurus Constructions offers and is not compulsory. Saurus Constructions cannot be held liable for an incomplete inspection due to access issues.

Unfortunately, this is happening too often where we are not given access to the whole property, and this leaves out report incomplete. 

It is the agent’s responsibility to gain us full access to the property &ensure all keys are in working order with all doors, windows, and access to roof voids & subfloors can be opened 

Saurus constructions can NOT and will NOT use force to obtained entry – even under instruction 

If keys cannot be drop off to us at the inspection location at time of inspection, we will complete the report as much as we can with the option to re-inspect later date & time

If you receive your report and you still require or wish to have the property re-inspected 


  • This can only be requested by our client 
  • The invoice is issued to our client and in our client’s name – regardless of who pays this invoice 
  • This invoice is to be paid in full before re-inspection is conducted 
  • The re-inspection fee is $250 + travel regardless of the space to be inspected 
  • Regardless on who pays this re-inspection invoice, the report is the name & property of our client 
  • We will not determine who is at fault if we can’t gain access – if our client wishers to forward this invoice to a 3rd party (the agent or the seller) this has nothing to do with our company and will not engage in this matter 

We understand this is frustrating situation and we appreciate your understanding and value our time to bring you all the information you require to make an informed decision


Bookings can be made via our online booking system, or by ringing reception on 07 4121 0714. Bookings will only be processed Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm. Our online booking system is available 24/7. Please note, this can be utilised by agents when booking on behalf of clients.

We are now no longer sending meeting requests. Due to a number of difficulties regarding the meeting requests we have been sending, we have switched to a SMS system which now includes a questionnaire for you to complete. This is very user friendly and captures all the information needed for the Inspection

Our lockboxes are a great option as they are completely safe for leaving keys in on the property. The code is private between Saurus Constructions and the Real Estate.

When opting to use the lockbox be sure to add intended lockbox location and code when filling out the agent questionnaire – also add how you would like the keys returned

The good thing about these boxes as they can be used again and again, and for other companies as well.

Options to return keys

  • Leave on site for yourself or another tradesman to collect
  • We can return keys and lockbox to your office or agreed location


If an inspection requires us to pick up keys, we will do this the day before. Our reception staff will arrange for the keys to be collected. Keys will be returned to the office once the inspection has been complete.

From 1 January 2022,

All homes or units being sold or leased, or existing leases renewed, will require hardwired photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms. Non-removable 10-year battery smoke alarms can be installed in place.

When one goes off, they all go off, giving everyone extra time to escape.

All other dwellings must transition to full compliance by 2027.

For more information, please use this link

*** Please Note ***

At this stage a building inspectors are not qualified to report or test if smoke alarms complaint or issue compliancy certificate

In our reports we are required to take a photo of one smoke alarm – not tested just sighted

Or comment if none are sighted

You must contact a licenced electrician for more information

The team at Saurus Constructions are a pet loving family. While we understand it’s not always possible to relocate family pets while we are there, we do ask if the following can be completed prior to our arrival:
All exotic animals (Snakes, birds, rats, and other reptiles) all be locked in their enclosures
House Cats secured in a room with a note on the door to let us know. That way we can inspect that room last and let the cat out if required
Please ensure any dogs are secured in the back yard if possible. Please notify the agent of any behaviour issues that might affect our entry
Please provided this information in the additional information section of the questionnaire you receive.

Please Note – all jobs must be quoted from a staff member from the Saurus Construction Team

Client intake is so important sometimes we need to dig a little deeper as what it is you are buying. Most of the time we can find your property on the internet for sale and see photos, read descriptions, and quote on the spot. But sometimes we require more information from the selling agent or owner if it’s a private sale.


All travel is calculated from our office at 27 Georgia Way Oakhurst QLD 4650

Please see link for details TRAVEL FEES


If you are buying a single House under 6 bedrooms, Unit, Townhouse, Flat, Apartment with up to 3 sheds – we call this our base line

If you are buying a propriety with extras such as, a studio, Cottage, granny flat, Dual living, Multiple dwellings this will endure an extra cost and a quote will be supplied

For your convenience I will show you some breakdowns our staff use so we can provide you with the correct report for your needs

Please see link for details ADDITIONAL DWELLINGS

Saurus Constructions now uses ServiceM8 for our job system.

This is such a great app which has several features to be able to let our office run smoothly and productively. Bookings are now loaded straight into ServiceM8 when they are received, and we now run all our job specific information through there. Text Messages and Emails to both the clients and Agents now come through ServiceM8. By doing this it allows all staff members to be able to pick up any information that is needed, and it is now all found in one place. ETA Request ServiceM8 has also got a live tracker link to see how far away we are that is sent to you with ETA message – So Cool !