Need advice?

Let Clinton Bargenquast from Saurus Constructions help you

It can be a very daunting experience being responsible for your pool barrier installation and can be quite costly and disappointing if once finished you are told is doesn’t comply

Saurus Constructions can advise on

  • Appropriate materials to use for your pool barrier
  • Appropriate plant and placement now and for the future
  • Appropriate gates, latches & hinges
  • Trade list

A $70 Pool Barrier Health Check is a great way to gain the correct information before, during and after work is completed

Not everyone needs our company to issue a QBCC Pool Barrier Certificate but if you do require a QBCC Pool Barrier Certificate within 3 months of engaging our services we will discount your $70 from our $250 Pool Barrier Certificate.

Leaving you $180 to pay at time of inspection = for a $250 Pool Barrier Certificate