A re-inspection is at the discretion and responsibility of the buyer. This a service Saurus Constructions offers and is not compulsory. Saurus Constructions cannot be held liable for an incomplete inspection due to access issues.

Unfortunately, this is happening too often where we are not given access to the whole property, and this leaves out report incomplete. 

It is the agent’s responsibility to gain us full access to the property &ensure all keys are in working order with all doors, windows, and access to roof voids & subfloors can be opened 

Saurus constructions can NOT and will NOT use force to obtained entry – even under instruction 

If keys cannot be drop off to us at the inspection location at time of inspection, we will complete the report as much as we can with the option to re-inspect later date & time

If you receive your report and you still require or wish to have the property re-inspected 


  • This can only be requested by our client 
  • The invoice is issued to our client and in our client’s name – regardless of who pays this invoice 
  • This invoice is to be paid in full before re-inspection is conducted 
  • The re-inspection fee is $250 + travel regardless of the space to be inspected 
  • Regardless on who pays this re-inspection invoice, the report is the name & property of our client 
  • We will not determine who is at fault if we can’t gain access – if our client wishers to forward this invoice to a 3rd party (the agent or the seller) this has nothing to do with our company and will not engage in this matter 

We understand this is frustrating situation and we appreciate your understanding and value our time to bring you all the information you require to make an informed decision