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Building & Pest Inspections

If you’re in Bargara, Queensland, and in need of professional building and pest inspections, Saurus Constructions is here to serve you. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide comprehensive assessments to ensure the safety and integrity of your property. Our qualified inspectors possess the necessary qualifications required in Queensland to conduct building and pest reports with precision and accuracy.

We also service surrounding areas (Maryborough, Childers, Bundaberg, Gin Gin, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore, Caloundra, Eumundi, Rainbow, Gympie)

Expert Building and Pest Inspections in Bargara

At Saurus Constructions, we understand the importance of expertise and qualifications in delivering reliable inspections. Our inspectors meet all the requirements set by Queensland regulations, holding the necessary certifications, licenses, and qualifications for building and pest inspections. When you choose us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is in the hands of competent professionals.

  1. Thorough Building Inspections: Our qualified inspectors meticulously evaluate every aspect of your property, including foundations, walls, roofs, electrical systems, plumbing, and more. By conducting detailed assessments, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your property’s condition, enabling you to make informed decisions.
  2. Effective Pest Inspections: We specialise in identifying and addressing pest infestations that can wreak havoc on your property. Our inspectors employ proven techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to detect signs of pest activity, such as termites, rodents, and other common pests found in Bargara. By promptly addressing pest issues, we help protect your property from further damage.
  3. Handover Reports: If you’re involved in new construction or extensive renovations, our handover reports are invaluable. We thoroughly assess the completed work, ensuring it aligns with the agreed-upon plans and specifications. Our inspectors identify any defects or incomplete tasks, allowing you to address them before accepting the project.
  1. Pool Inspections: In addition to building and pest inspections, we also offer thorough pool inspections. Our qualified inspectors evaluate the safety and compliance of your pool, ensuring it meets the necessary standards and regulations. By identifying any potential hazards or maintenance requirements, we help you maintain a safe and enjoyable swimming environment.
  2. Asbestos Inspections: Asbestos can pose serious health risks if not handled properly. Our qualified inspectors conduct asbestos inspections to identify any presence of asbestos-containing materials in your property. By detecting and assessing asbestos accurately, we help you take the necessary steps for safe removal and ensure the well-being of occupants.
  3. Dilapidation Reports: If you are involved in construction or renovation projects, our dilapidation reports are invaluable. We document the condition of adjacent properties before and after construction, protecting you from potential disputes by providing clear evidence of any damages caused.

Still have questions?

Please book an inspection online or call Saurus Constructions. We will help assign a time for your job and confirm via email and text.

1. Please book an inspection online or call Saurus Constructions.
2. Our receptionist will contact the agent or private sale representative with a request to arrange entry
3. Our receptionist will send you T&C’s to read and return ASAP
4. Each bookings requires confirmation by one of our staff members – Once confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with a payment link, full Payment is required 3 days prior to Inspection.

Please note prices may vary upon location of inspection & inspection size. You will be contacted by one of our staff members to confirm your date, time & inspection price.

Saurus Constructions allocate a 3-hour time slot for an inspection and guarantee a 3-hour turnaround for residential jobs and a 24-hour turnaround for our commercial clients.

Clinton and Rebecca will be onsite for the inspection for a total of one hour.

After much discussion and consternation. we have come to the decision that we must conduct our inspections without any clients onsite.

Safety to our clients is our number one priority and often we are not aware of the condition of the house, property, or reason for sale. In recent times this has put us in a position we are not comfortable with and led us to our non-negotiable decision

The bottom line is our insurance doesn’t not cover our clients if they were to have an accident onsite, so this was a definite line in the sand for us.

Furthermore, emotions are at an all-time high and while buyers are understandably excited, homeowners and tenants are not always on the same page, and this can sometimes cause an uneasy environment in which to work.

A building and pest inspection at the best of times is considered invasive and while we conduct ourselves in a professional and kind manner, it is unsurprisingly, an emotional time for most.

As we strive for continuous improvement, we have decided to focus on the job at hand – and that is providing a detailed comprehensive report. Unfortunately, we aren’t qualified counsellors, despite our empathetic and caring natures, and time is a premium.

Our Building and Pest inspections are conducted by Clinton and Rebecca, working together onsite for 40mins – 1 hour. It’s our job to inform our client, usually the buyer, about the property they’re looking to purchase and help them to make confidant and informed decisions. There are no passes or fails.

Working as a team, Clinton writes the report as Rebecca drives to the next location. Rebecca will email the report to their client and text both the agent and client, that the report has been sent, prior to arriving and starting the next inspection. We really do offer a quick turnaround.

Along with the report/s, our valued clients are provided with Clinton’s personal mobile/afterhours number and are encouraged to call anytime. If we haven’t had contact by 5pm Clinton will call each client from that day’s inspection list and go over the reports in detail and answer any questions.

Building and Pest Inspections in Bargara

When it comes to building and pest inspections in Bargara, Saurus Constructions is the name you can rely on. Our qualified inspectors, comprehensive assessments, and detailed reports ensure that your property is thoroughly evaluated and protected.

Contact us today to schedule your building and pest inspection with our qualified team. Safeguard your investment with Saurus Constructions.

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Head Office

Edelle Broadhurst
Edelle Broadhurst
16. July, 2023.
A great company with wonderful customer service and communication. Once Clinton completed the Building and Pest inspection for our property, the report was sent promptly. On the same evening, Clinton followed up with a phone call to reassure us and to clarify questions we may have regarding the report. Highly recommend this team!
Sharon Davidson
Sharon Davidson
16. June, 2023.
Clinton and Bec were very prompt and professional with our building and pest report. Booking was very quick and easy as our case was urgent. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of a quality and thorough inspection.
Ryan Hateley
Ryan Hateley
23. May, 2023.
Really thorough service, prompt and on time with good communication. They even took care of anything non compliant so that my pool would pass inspection. Great service.
Janice de Groot
Janice de Groot
18. May, 2023.
The company was very efficient and the report very detailed and the follow up with the client was a nice surprise as I have had other building inspections and once the report was delivered you never heard from again. Not Saurus Constructions they were great would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Clinton.
Ingrid Fjastafd
Ingrid Fjastafd
16. May, 2023.
Brilliant... very professional and helpful
13. May, 2023.
Excellent service and follow up call when job completed. Speedy delivery of the building and pest report. Highly recommend this company and well priced. Thank you Saurus Construction.
Lisa Vesander Hearts Sake Designs Co
Lisa Vesander Hearts Sake Designs Co
23. April, 2023.
After employing Saurus' services we were able to cancel the contract on a property, it saved us heartache!
Office Bevanoba
Office Bevanoba
6. April, 2023.
Quick turnaround time. Very professional. Thank you!
Carole Warren
Carole Warren
17. March, 2023.
Excellent service from the first call right through to the follow up call after inspection report. Report is thorough & easy to follow - any questions are answered quickly & clearly. Top business.
Sharon Gitsham
Sharon Gitsham
21. December, 2022.
We are extremely pleased with the detailed report written in plain English for us to understand. Over the years we have had many inspections done and you guys have been the only business that have called after emailing us the report to check and see if there were any questions we had regarding the report. Highly recommend Saurus to complete your building and pest inspection.