Inspections Tips

What are some of your top building inspection tips?

  • Storing packing boxes in the centre of the room – inspectors like to tap all the architraves and inspect the walls. If there are rooms where we can’t access the walls, the inspection reports may be incomplete, due to clutter.
  • Unlocking the doors – If you are going to be home at time of your inspection, it’s a great idea to have all the doors unlocked, especially to sheds. This saves time as we need to come and find you, you need to find keys, and this will take time. If you aren’t home, we will aim to leave everything the way we found it and lock up behind us.
  • Accessing the subfloor– The subfloor contains a lot if useful information we require for a report and access can be tricky at the best of times. It helps to know your entry points and whether they are screwed closed, as we cannot tamper with them. It’s a great idea to have them unscrewed and ready for entry.
  • Accessing the ceiling (manhole) – on the day of inspection and if possible, please have the area directly under the ceiling entry point, free of clutter for our ladder
  • Cleaning the gutters – this is a hot little tip for a better report. Most of our reports identify “Debris in gutters that can lead to water ingress.” This is an easy fix and looks great if this doesn’t appear in your report.
  • Maintaining the lawn– this gives us a great visual inspection whether there is water ponding
  • Keeping gardens away from house – this gives us a great visual barrier inspection– this information also looks better in your report
  • Keeping subfloor free from stored timbers – this is a great practice for future reference
  • Checking for leaks or water damage – before our inspection check for plumbing leaks or downpipe damage – termites love damp areas

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.