Beau Brown

Termite Detection Dog

Name – Beau Brown

Breed – Chocolate Labrador

D.O.B – November 2019

Training – Termite Detection Dog

Beau Brown

Handler: Rebecca Bargenquast

Hobbies – Sleeping, playing tug-a-war, eating & sleeping

Personality – Beau is without-a-doubt a gorgeous, very smart, loving, cheeky and stubborn, at times …oh …and a bit of a goof ball!

Hi there!

I’m Beau and I’m a termite detection dog (in training) and I’m…well… living my best life.

The level of luxury the Bargenquast family bestows on me is terrific. Currently, I have training sessions from Monday to Friday between 4 – 6 times a day with my handler – Rebecca.

I even have a work vehicle, all decked-out to meet my needs, including a safe crate, Air- con, ice mats, water, snacks and music!

I love my job and am training to work Monday to Friday (with the weekends off). I’m still learning and in time, I will confidently be able to indicate to Rebecca – by sitting and barking – that live termites are present. Woof!

True, Saurus Constructions also uses thermal imaging, moisture meters, as well as Clinton’s keen eye for indicators, to locate, identify and report on the finds… but I reckon I’m better!

Believe it or not, I was an only child at birth and subsequently, treated like a king. Not to brag, but I was crate-trained and toilet-trained at just eight weeks old when I arrived at the Bargenquasts. I was 10 weeks old when I started learning the termite detection basics. Pretty clever, huh? Apparently, dogs like me are being used all over the world to detect, money, drugs, sickness and some funky, expensive fungus called truffles. I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Speaking of progress, I became a dad in January 2022, after a successful courtship with Luna, at Anona Hill Labradors. Woof!